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LiveWell Gastro is a whole-body, Functional Medicine approach to Gastrointestinal health. We work with you to understand the symptoms and discomfort you are experiencing and develop a treatment plan focused on getting to the root cause of those issues.

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide you with compassionate medical care that you can trust.

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Our Treatment Path

All patients must complete a Foundational Assessment prior to Membership.

Membership is the key to this transformational medicine model and allows close, constant support during your wellness journey.

Unlike conventional medicine, which only sees patients once every 4 to 6 months with little to no resolution, we provide the many touch-points necessary to provide the support and guidance to a healthy, better you.

Membership benefits include regular visits with Dr. DiChiara and your Health and Nutrition Coach, educational classes, group virtual visits, supplement discounts, and community support to empower you to regain your body’s normal function.

This unconventional focused partnership of patient, physician, coach, and community is transformative.

All treatment begins with a Discovery Call. Click the button below to Join our Priority List and be notified when a spot is open.

Designed for Your Success & Optimal Support

Want to become a patient of Dr. DiChiara’s? After the Discovery Call, start with the Foundational Assessment. Uncover internal and external imbalances driving your symptoms and gain the crucial support you need to kickstart your journey to reclaiming your health. Want ongoing care with Dr. DiChiara and further support to address and reverse your root causes? After your Foundational Assessment, join the LiveWell Gastro Membership!

Foundational Assessment

$ 695 .00

One-time investment

The Foundation Assessment is essentially 4 visits in one: Labs ordered & drawn prior to 1st visit, an extended 90-minute visit with Dr. DiChiara, Personalized Nutrition visit, & Health Coaching support.

This Assessment can be a stand-alone service or an entry point into our Membership Plan.

Step #1: Enroll, pay for the service, and complete intake questionnaires.

Step #2: Dr. DiChiara reviews your paperwork and orders a comprehensive lab panel through Labcorp or an insurance-preferred lab.

Step #3: Once labs are drawn, you can schedule your 90-minute Foundational Assessment appointment with Dr. DiChiara.

What’s Included:

  • Extended, 90-minute appointment with Dr. DiChiara
  • Functional Health Evaluation
  • Physical Exam (for in-person visits)
  • Comprehensive Lab review (Labs ordered prior to face-to-face visit then reviewed at the first visit)
  • LiveWell Gastro Advanced Biomarker Testing measures inflammation, nutrient status, complete thyroid assessment, liver, kidney, and metabolic function, hormone balance, and heart health from a functional, optimal-level assessment.
  • Integrative, 8-Part, Personalized Health Plan
  • Two Follow-up virtual appointments with our Health & Nutrition Coach (1st – Nutrition Assessment & Personalized Nutrition Plan & 2nd – Additional Coaching support)
  • 15% professional-grade supplement discount for 60 days
  • Additional diagnostic testing as indicated (ie: procedural, imaging)
  • In-person is recommended, a virtual visit is an option.
  • Ability to pay with HSA/FSA; Superbill provided to submit for possible insurance reimbursement.

The cost of labs is not included. Can be billed through insurance or take advantage of our low, negotiated cash pricing through Labcorp.

Membership Plan

$ 249 .00/MONTH

What’s Included (over 12 months):

  • 5 visits with Dr. DiChiara (45-minute visits) (Virtual and in-person options)
  • 5 virtual visits with a Health & Nutrition Coach (45-minute visits)
  • A clear roadmap to achieve desired health goals
  • Supportive, personalized program designed for your success
  • 15% discount on professional-grade supplements ordered through LiveWell Gastro’s online dispensary
  • Live Gut Chat Monthly Education* and group visits
  • Access to a Library of Previous Wellness Topics*
  • Portal messaging with the doctor and health coach
  • Advanced Functional Diagnostic testing**
  • Personalized, professional-grade supplement recommendations
  • Prescription management and medication refills
  • Access to negotiated, low-cost lab pricing
  • Imaging, Procedure orders, Prior Authorizations as needed
  • Prescription weaning as indicated
  • Caring specialist physician providing the latest holistic, integrative, research-informed recommendations and extra hours investigating your case outside your face-to-face time.
  • All areas of health addressed: starts with the gut and includes hormones, nutrient optimization, detoxification, metabolic health, lifestyle, and nutrition
  • 12-month commitment
  • No added fees for Specialty/Functional Lab admin and interpretation
  • Ability to pay with HSA/FSA; Superbill provided upon request to submit for possible insurance reimbursement.

* Gut Chat Monthly Education Series and Library Archive includes education on various elements of Gut Health, Detoxification, Hormones, Adrenal Health, Stress Management, and Nutrition.

** Advanced Diagnostic Testing takes a deep dive into your health by using tests not typically used in conventional medicine to get to the root cause. These include advanced stool analysis, adrenal profiles, breath tests, organic acid analysis, sex hormone analysis, food allergy & sensitivity testing, toxicity assessment, and more. The cost of these lab tests is not included in the membership fee and ranges between $100 to $500.

Additional doctor visits are billed separately at $399.00 per 45-minute visit.

Needing a screening colonoscopy or GI procedure (ie: upper endoscopy, hemorrhoid banding, or diagnostic colonoscopy)? We have separate options available for someone interested in this focused, conventional, GI-care from a caring, experienced gastroenterologist.

What’s Different about LiveWell Gastroenterology?
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