Functional Medicine Membership

Access, Support, and Consistent Care


Why Membership?

Medical Membership is a key part of transforming the medical system and your health.

Our symptoms don’t develop overnight. Often, we ignore the different triggers over time that gradually add up to create disease. These triggers may include chronic stress, infection, poor diet and nutrition, prescription medication, hormone imbalance, emotional trauma, inflammatory processes, and environmental toxins, all of which can affect your gut health. Poor gut health can then lead to changes throughout the entire body — inflammation, toxicity, hormone balance, immune response, brain inflammation, mood changes, allergies, decreased metabolism, weight gain, or unintentional weight loss.

It takes time to do the detective work to untangle and identify these possible triggers. Instead of simply prescribing something to manage the symptoms and move on to the next 10-minute visit, we at LiveWell Gastroenterology want to partner with you to transform your health. We take the time with you to uncover these roadblocks to your health and serve as your guide to the path to live well.

We offer regular visits with Dr. DiChiara and your Health and Nutrition coach, educational classes, group virtual visits, and community support to empower you to regain your body’s normal function.

This unconventional focused partnership of patient, physician, coach, and community is transformative.

Benefits of Membership

  • Consistent and personal care from a trusted physician
  • Access to a Health and Nutrition Coach
  • Discounted supplement pricing
  • Educational and support group sessions
  • No insurance “middle man”
  • Treatment from the “root” of your symptoms
  • Wholesale medication and lab pricing

Our Goal: to graduate you from this focused, personalized care with resolution and a clear plan for maintenance.

Membership Plan

$ 249 .00/MONTH

Transforming Medicine at Excellent Value

What’s Included

  • 5 visits with Dr. DiChiara (45-minute visits) (Virtual and in-person options)
  • 5 virtual visits with a Health & Nutrition Coach (45-minute visits)
  • A clear roadmap to achieve desired health goals
  • Supportive, personalized program designed for your success
  • 15% discount on professional-grade supplements ordered through LiveWell Gastro’s online dispensary
  • Live Gut Chat Monthly Education* and group visits
  • Access to a Library of Previous Wellness Topics*
  • Portal messaging with the doctor and health coach
  • Advanced Functional Diagnostic testing**
  • Personalized, professional-grade supplement recommendations
  • Prescription management and medication refills
  • Access to negotiated, low-cost lab pricing
  • Imaging, Procedure orders, Prior Authorizations as needed
  • Prescription weaning as indicated
  • Caring specialist physician providing the latest holistic, integrative, research-informed recommendations and extra hours investigating your case outside your face-to-face time.
  • All areas of health addressed: starts with the gut and includes hormones, nutrient optimization, detoxification, metabolic health, lifestyle, and nutrition
  • 12-month commitment
  • No added fees for Specialty/Functional Lab admin and interpretation
  • Ability to pay with HSA/FSA; Superbill provided upon request to submit for possible insurance reimbursement

There will be no surprise bills in the mail. What a refreshing relief!

* All New Patients must complete a Foundational Assessment prior to an offer to the Membership Plan.

Additional doctor visits are billed separately at $399.00 per visit.

* Gut Chat Monthly Education Series includes education on various elements of Gut Health, Detoxification, Hormones, Adrenal Health, Stress Management, and Nutrition.

** Advanced Diagnostic Testing takes a deep dive into your health by using tests not typically used in conventional medicine to get to the root cause. These include advanced stool analysis, adrenal profiles, breath tests, organic acid analysis, sex hormone analysis, and more.

The cost of these lab tests is not included in the membership fee.

The cost of any supplements is not included in the membership fee.

Spots are limited to ensure we maintain personal, high-quality care for each of our patients.

Adults Only. No Medicare.

This quick quiz asks you to rank the intensity of any symptoms you are having in relation to different systems in the body.
Based on your MSQ Score, we can ensure we provide the necessary support for healing.

If you score a high level of dysfunction and inflammation or simply seek to optimize your wellness, Dr. DiChiara can help.